onsdag 26 maj 2010

Thrips attack!!

This is not good. Last night when I pollinated the flowers. I found out that some small parasitic animals kept dropping from the flowers. From almost all plants as well!

I have thrips it seems. One of the 5000 different species that exist. I have never had thrips before. So, I am a bit worried about their potential danger. Any report or documentation of what these bastards have accomplished to your plants in the past will gladly be taken. Good advice is valuable in this case. These little critters are not more then 1 mm in size. Right now there are not that many of them. But they seem to have been on a search and destroy mission with my flowers as their main target. That said, it makes the area around my plants look like a flower Holocaust with flowers laying without having had a real chance of making any fruits.

The flowers are mad, I am certainly displeased and the plants are bothered. Damn bugs. Unfortunately ( or fortunately) they are not in such numbers so that pest control in form of biological agents are required.............yet.

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Jan Löfgren sa...

I will follow this in detail since we have invasion of these late every summer. Mine is black though. I guess it's because of the crops on the fields all around our house. They are annoying as hell since it tickles when they crawl around on my body. I certainly hope that they are not to harmful fr my plants.

Michael Salemsson sa...

Unfortunately they are harmful to our plants! I am not sure how harmful though. But some of these bastards are known to be carriers of different viruse diseases ( check my link about chili pepper diseases and you will see that thrips can do some stuff). I certainly hope that this variety of thrips dont have a harmful viruse to the plant!

Jan Löfgren sa...

I have to get more ammunition for my 5.5mm soft airgun and a microscope mounted as a sniperscope. If the plants have to die, they might as well do it with a massive amount of 5.5mm holes in the leaves.