söndag 2 maj 2010

Switching to english

I noticed on the visitor calculator that there are a lot of international guests at my blog. And as such I will switch to english.

My Beautiful B. Jolokia "papa Pod" felt lonely. I am glad he obtained some kind of company by Junior to the left.

I must admit I am somewhat puzzled and perplexed. When it comes to the pollination techniques I believe I have like tested every single one of them. I do know that I am doing them correctly. What I also know is that my light conditions at my window seat is very poor. To say the least. I am using 2*36 W light source. But the important sun I get none of it unless I am taking the plants outside. My guess is that my plants will be able to produce only if they meet mother Sun frequently. Will keep you updated on it.

This gives me a situation. I want to grow, but I want it to be as enviromentally as possible. Today I made a choice. After Jan Löfgren, a chili blogger in Sweden got worried about a form of sea-kelp and heavy metal concentration in it. I found out that some of our fertilizers contains some Kadmium. It kind of pissed me off. I was not surprised. But I hoped it would not be so.

As such I drew a line......well in my head at least. I want my gardening and my hobby to be as enviromental as possible. Therefore I do not intend to buy another light source to produce fruits.

Furthermore, I am going to use my own pee as a fertilizer. Heck, now when I got data thanks to a reader by the name of Michael as well, I can get a good idea of how much and how often to give the plants. Best to end this post with something positive. Here is a picture of a plant I am extremely fond of. The flower of Piementa De Neyde ( photo by dig camera this time).

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mrarboc sa...

I thought I'd give you some homework because I know you like the scientific side of growing... :-) What do you know about giving aspirin (acetylsalicylsyra, "Magnecyl") to plants? Some people claim to get great results.