söndag 19 december 2010

New Peppers for the season.

It is time to sow some new seeds. I have learned some from the past season. If I had enough space I would probably sow tons of peppers. But with limited space comes formidable plans. As always? The following seeds have hit the soil.

1) Trinidad Scorpion ( Capsicum Chinense ) Morouga Blend. I have tried B. Jolokia, Naga Morich, 7 Pot so the time has come to test the "scorpion". With this one, then I have tried four of the strongest peppers of the world. Right now the B. Jolokia and Naga is in favour when it comes to taste.

2) Cabai Chili Tree ( Capsicum Annuum). A simple cayenne pepper plant from Malaysia. Rumoured to grow very quickly, hence the name tree. Even though I have sucky light conditions I can see some potential behind the bragging. The only reason I try this one is to see how much peppers it can produce. This one will be my industrious pepper provider. Not that I need that with a lot of peppers still in the freezer.

3) Royal Black ( Capsicum Annuum) An ornamental pepper type to dazzle mankind with its beauty. Let us hope that this one taste a bit as well. I am still out after an ornamental with good taste. The pods are of piquin type standing erect.

4) Bradleys Bahamian ( Capsicum Frutescens ) Rumoured to be one of the strongest (Capsicum Frutescens) varieties. Let us see. Could be a success. It is supposed to get quite aromatic pods. I am above all out after taste as usual.

5) Cumari Pollux ( Capsicum  Praetermissium ) I have never tried a Praetermissium before. This will be my first year. From what I have seen this plant has a lot of beautiful flowers with quite aromatic pods. I have not tasted it myself. But my hopes are good about this species.

6) Super Datil ( Capsicum Chinense) This one is rumoured to be an extremely good eating pepper. I am not surprised it belonged to the C. Chinense species. I look forward on getting pods in say 4-5 months on this one.

These plants goes with some keepers from last year. B. Jolokia, Chocolate Jolokia, Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, 7 pod and, belieave it or not, the Piementa De Neyde. I did not have the stomach to kill the De Neyde. It is still alive because of its ridicolous beauty tantalizing my mind. Janne Löfgren my pepper brother suggested that I should try to make a bonchi out of it. I have cut it down but due to a lot of work/studies and training I have not been able to give it much attention yet.

I feel that I should try a new C. Pubescens and a new Baccatum. But I have not decided on those yet. Seeds I have in alphabetical order.

A) Aji Panca, Aji Cito

B) B. Jolokia ( 15 seeds, pure), Black Namaqualand, Bishops Hat, Bradleys Bahamian

C) Chiltepin, Cabai Chili Tree, Cumari Pollux, Chocolate Jolokia ( cross pollination possible), Capsicum Praetermissium,Cap 1499, Cap 1492

E) Explosive Ember

H) Habanero brown, Habanero large brown

L) Large Red Cherry, Long Slim Cayenne, Limôn.

M) Malaga bird

N) Naga Morich ( cross pollinated)

P) Piementa De Neyde, pirri pirri, 7 pod, Purrira, PI 281353

R) Red Caribbean, Royal Black, Super Datil,

T) Turbo Pube, Thai Orange Hot,

I just sowed Turbo Pube, Thai Orange Hot, Aji Cito and Limon.