onsdag 26 maj 2010

Date of Fruit ( Piquin, Capsicum Annuum)

This very late fruit setter ( for me) has decided to go into the fruiting business. 3 tiny small pods on its way. Date 26/5/2010.

Me happy!?

5 kommentarer:

Jan Löfgren sa...

Congrat's, my friend. Funny frissa you have on the lovely image of your self. ;)

Michael Salemsson sa...

I wish I had some of that hair. But in my regular black color. Unfortunately, my genes said following " Listen.....this is what we are going to do for you Michael. First of all we will let your hair on your head fall down when you are around 21-22. Then thanks to your high testosterone values, we will let you grow a lot of bodily hair instead. A lot of chest-hair, but dont worry. We will spare your back. But...just as a bonus, when you are 30 we will grow small bushes coming from your ears as well.........now, what do you say about that Michael?" I just nod uncontentedly at the suggestion, knowing that this was not a negotiable situation.

Jan Löfgren sa...

Find peace, my odd-placed-fur-silverback, uups, sorry, silver ear.

Thinking causes heat, heat causes hairloss. Stop thinking and grow hair, or think about it and accept the fact. Don't forget that the budget for sun screen must be increased.

I remove it voluntarely ,but I'm already ugly so it doesn't matter.

Daniel/urbangarden sa...

Tja Michael! Underbar blog, och grym growlog. Ser att det går riktigt fint, underbara bilder, vet inte om det fanns någon bild på din Piquin men det var en broken link under den tecknade varianten av dig? :) Ska bli kul att följa bloggen. Säg till om du avlar fram någon cool cross, du berättade något sånt i ett mail för ett tag sen. Lycka till, keep up the good work och eye candyn :) Glad sommar

Michael Salemsson sa...

Thank you very much for your kind words Daniel. And a good summer to you. Regarding the crossing projects.I got a crossing going on. But it wont involve any of the less prolific plant species. The crossing between Chocolate Jolokia and Piementa De Neyde has been done. Result was Unsuccesful for me. De Neyde and Chocolate Scotch Bonnet was unsuccesful too.It will work sooner or later. It is marked at least. But I am starting to think maybe De Neyde is not breeding material. Even though I have a strong dedication for it.