onsdag 19 maj 2010

Forgot to document Naga Morich/Bishop Hat/Chocolate Jolokia fruit

Date of Naga Morich fruit = 2010-05-05 +- ( 2 days or so, did not think it was a fruit at first)
Date of Bishop Hat fruit confirmed = 2010-05-16
Date of Chocolate Jolokia fruit confirmed = 2010-05-19

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Patrik sa...


Michael Salemsson sa...

Feels good Patrik! The Bishop Hat is really pathetically easy to pollinate. I think it got 5 fruits now. Naga Morich has only one fruit, little flowers and repotted to 3,5 litres now. The Chocolate Jolokia 2 fruits and the B. Jolokia is up to 9. I am going to slice up an umature B.Jolokia tomorrow. Just to know how hot it is after 30 days maturation. Then I will slice up another one after 60 days. Just to get a feeling.......I might regret it. But heck, who can resists ones own curiosity. That is what the hobby is for.

Jan Löfgren sa...

Go Mike, go... Don't forget rubber cloves and a willy-raincoat.

I'm looking forward to take part of your findings.

It would also be interesting to make an secondary (or primary experiment) out of it.

According to our Guru's Dewitt/Bosland, there was some studies on the germination rate of seeds from fruit in variuos mature stages. According to this study, the highest germination percent was from just fully matured fruits. OK, that study was only done for Jalapenõs if I remember correctly, but it would be fun to see a Viking study as a reference to this semi Mexican mumbo jumbo thing ;)

Michael Salemsson sa...

I forgot to mention that I did not have the chance to cut open an unmature pod. Since I got some Thrips attack that issue is the focus of my attention. This season might end up in a disastrous result. Thanks to these bothersome critters.