tisdag 18 maj 2010

Sperm and pollen

I stumbled upon an interesting scientific article about the resemblance of sperm and pollen. Such an issue may make you ponder about it. In a what some may interpretate as an imaginative angle. But I believe there is some relevance to a following bizarre perspective.

If you could view the pollen of the plants as the equivalence of animal sperm. Then you realize, empirically, that different chile peppers have different amount of sperms. As with us animals.

If you could view the pollen releasing process of a plant as the ejaculation process of for example a human being. Then different plants definitely have various amount of "load" when they are coming in their ejaculation process. As with us humans ( I am guessing when it came to the last statement).

One thing is for sure. The officially worlds strongest chile pepper, B. Jolokia Capsicum Chinense, sure hell does not have the biggest "load" in its ejaculation process. It holds the record as the strongest pepper, but when it comes to showing off in the "ejaculation" process it still has much left to proove. (The real reason for that was explained in a previous input about B. Jolokia)

Another one of my plants have though a real HUGE omnipotent "load" and certainly have no problem in the ejaculating process. When it comes to giving away enough amount of pollen. To ensure the survival of its species. It does its job by overstating its abilities on the sex front.

The plant is a horny vigorous specimen, by the name of Bishops Hat ( Capsicum Baccatum).
Here is picture of the plant with the "voluminous load". Right now, it is laying on its back. Content with itself after having had sex with my finger ( pollinated this one). Last time I let it have sex with my fingers, two flowers out of two got "pregnant". That said, I must admit I have some secret admiration about this chile peppers prolific abilities. And it feels good to get immediate results in the making babies process( fruits ). Especially after having gone through numerous laborious unsuccesful pollination methods/trials with the much more unfruitful specimen B. Jolokia.

( Of course, my imagination of how everything works did not provide me with accurate picture of the process. Here is a link to how pollen actually works. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic-video/467948/16677/Pollen-transports-sperm-cells-to-flowers-egg-cells )

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Anonym sa...


Anonym sa...

Finger sex with pepper flowers? Why not!!! The main thing is not to become finger-sex addict! :)

Michael Salemsson sa...

I must say, I do not view it as an addiction. But I have to admit that there is a therapeutical feeling when you go over your plants and start to pollinate the different flowers. There are different ways to do that. It is a learning process which stimulates me. Especially when I am crossing the different varieties. I do have noticed one important thing. It seems as if more light make the plant produce more pollen. While I would not be surprised by this fact it is still a good feeling to actually experience it. However one can not make such a conclusion without the confirmation from others.

Anonym sa...

OK, it was just a joke... Maybe not too correct. So I'm very sorry, Michael! :)
I myself have been using my fingers to pollinate pepper flowers (C. annuum)

Michael Salemsson sa...

Hahaha.....no worries. I liked it. I guess my answer was too neutral and it looked like I was hurt. Blame is on me in this case. No worries about that. Keep the jokes coming without worries.

Anonym sa...

I suspect that the earlier post about some burning feeling in some private parts, and now this post, are a lay-up for a smash.

As humble as I am, I leave that one alone ;)

Jan Löfgren sa...

Hmm, the last one was mine, don't know what happened with the Anonym thing. Would never hide behind that epitet :)

Michael Salemsson sa...

To Janne:
Yep, your ways of expressing is unmisstakable my friend.
I thought it could only be you. Weird that it got you to be anonymous.I have bought some hot habanero from my local store. Fresh imported stuff. I think I have my burned my "mojo" three times. One really need to wash the hands thoroughly it seems. Otherwise the capsaicin is stuck to the fingers.