torsdag 10 februari 2011

The shrimps get a new home...

What started as a small idea turned out to be a new project. I started with a glass bowl with 5 shrimps in it. Thinking a small gold fish bowl can be a new fertilizer supplier. Then I realized that I did not think it was fair toward my hard working shrimp. They, having a small pathetic space to live on. And having me a gigantic weird creature coming, messing around and stealing their life space every three days. Therefor, as a truly ethical human being.  I bought a new home and new kind of shrimps. These type of shrimps were a bit more appealing to my eyes. In the same phase I geeked myself into the fine category of Aquascaping and thought I would show my pepper friends the beauty of having an aquarium. Now, you might not like it. But you can always pretend and go for the "white lie".

fredag 4 februari 2011

The mini apartment garden + new friends

It is definitely time for some pictures. I have to enjoy whatever that is left of my little apartment garden and also occupy my mind with something else then Aphids. This how my window seat looks like at the moment.

This year I bought a glass bowl. Now, it does not only contain water. Let us have a peek inside to see what kind of animals that might be dwelling this little bowl.

Meet the shrimps. My fertilising supply problems are over. Well, I have never considered myself having any problem on this side. Since one can always use a bit of your own diluted pee. But in this case the shrimp water does not smell.The shrimps "poo poo" and "pee pee" ( I am not sure if shrimps take a piss? Have to look it up some day) is hopefully a good fertliser for the chile peppar plants. I guess I will find out soon. Notice that in the glass bowl there are some marine plants. So they will take up some nutritients from the shrimps. As such I have a splendid theory. That I actually might be able to water the plants with the "shrimp water" continuously.