onsdag 12 maj 2010

Height data III

Bishops Hat ( Capsicum Baccatum)

Height:80 cm. Width: 60 cm Pot container: 10 litres

Comments: This plant got stunted and was stuck at around 61 cm. I had to make a change. The one big change I made was to put in an earth worm. One single earth worm. Otherwise it have had almost the same amount of light and watering. I have also given it more Phosphor and Potassium as well. It has grown 20 cm in 29 days. Comparing it with 1 cm in 12 days with the previous data. Magical Earthworm?

Piquin ( Capsicum Annuum)

Height: 42 cm Width:60 cm Pot Container: 3,5 litres

Comments:This Piquin follows the same pathway as my B.Jolokia (Capsicum Chinense). It turns out to be more and more bushy. For some reason several of my plants has that characteristic. My speculation is that it must be my special light conditions. With 2*36 W and very little sunlight ( about 2-3 hours/day). 5 cm in height growth in 29 days. But extremely more bushy. Lacked width data.

B. Jolokia ( Capsicum Chinense)

Height: 42 cm Width: 62 cm Pot Container: 3,5 litres

Comments: This B. Jolokia has obtained 5 fruits now. One of them is approximately around 5 cm. It has dropped around 120 (+-) 20 flowes. The plant is extremely bushy. And resembles the same characteristic appearance as the Piquin. One main stem and 4 main branches spreading horizontally. The ratio between flower/fruit is not promising. But most probably an indication of my very poor light conditions. Plant looks extremely healthy though. Approximately around 30-40 open flowers all the time. Which amazes me most. 12 cm height growth in 29 days.

Chocolate Jolokia (Capsicum Chinense)

Height: 55 cm Width: 40 cm Pot container: 3,5 liter

Comments: This one is a vigorous grower. It does not resemble the other plants in the characteristic bushy appearance. But I also bought it when it was around 1,5 month old. So as a youngster it was taken care of by Patrick from Stockholm. I have pollinated this one two times. I have also made a crossing attempt between Piementa De Neyde and the Chocolate Jolokia. It will then be a crossing between ( Capsicum Annuum) x (Capsicum Chinense)x (Capsicum Frutescens). Some of you may raise their eyebrows and say " Hey, where does the Frutescens come into the picture?". Well, the thing is, B. Jolokia/C. Jolokia has some ( Capsicum Frutescens) in its originally. How much it is? I let an gene analyst answer that question. Height growth 18 cm in 29 days. This one is working hard in the wind now. I think it appreciates the exercise ?

Naga Morich (Capsicum Chinense)

Height: 40 cm Width: 25 cm Pot container: 1,5 litres.

Comments: The mythical Naga Morich. With lethal potent fruits that can make most macho men shiver by fear. This Plant has flowered already. I have crossed it with the Piementa De Neyde. But I dont expect it to set fruit because of it. I still think I have to be patient and wait for the summer season so I can take out my plants on the backside where they can use some afternoon sun from 16:00-21:00. At the moment it is too cold in the afternoon/evening sun. It is a beautiful plant in general. But I fear it somehow. I need to repot this one into a bigger container. But I have little space. Besides, I am not interested in getting tons of fruits from this one. Height growth 20 cm in 29 days.

Red Savina (Capsicum Chinense)

Height: 32 cm Width: 20 cm Pot Container: 3,5 litres

Comments: This one was stunted because of Phosphorous deficiency. The leaves had a blueish colour and got thick because of sugar building up in the leaves. I gave it phosphor and it started to grow. But the main inhibiting factor for growth has been light for this one. It has not gained much light. Nor has it had the privilige to take advantage of my light bulb due to space problem. Height growth 7 cm in 29 days. Good thing, it is not stunted anymore. I think the phosphor addition did the trick.

Caribbean Red II ( Capsicum Chinense)

Height: 18 cm Width: 30 cm Pot Container: 1,5 litres

Comments: This is another Caribbean Red. A friend of mine got 30 years old and I gave the other one away as a gift. This one has seen very little light. Definatly no direct light from the sun at least. A pathetic puny plant with not much of hope to set fruit. But astonishingly it is flowering at the moment. Amount of flowers = one. It does not grow in height but to the sides. Can not compare data to previous data. That plant was given away.

Long Slim Cayenne ( Capsicum Annuum )

Height: 33 cm Width: 7 cm Pot Container: 1,5 litres

Comments: I expect this one to set flowers soon. The height would indicate it is time to change the pot. But I have a feeling that it is not well rooted yet and wait 1-2 weeks more. A simple plant, nothing fancy. But it is always cool to have one of the "regulars". Tallish plant. 15 cm in 29 days.

Piementa De Neyde ( Capsicum Chinense x Capsicum Annuum)

Height:70 cm Width: 20 cm Pot Container: 12 litres

Comments: The beautiful Piementa De Neyde. The flowers are beautiful, the leaves are beautifil. A sheer joy for the eye. A main stem with no bushy appearance. The plants I bought have had no Bushy appearance. But the plants grown on my own has obtained it. Heigth growth 14 cm in 29 days.

Chocolate Scotch Bonnet ( Capsicum Chinense)

Height: 70 cm Width: 83 cm Pot Container: 12 litres

Comments: It is a Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, but I should call it Steroidal Scotch Bonnet. This plant has flowered. But sometimes it drops its unopened flowers. I take it as a sign that the plant is still going for the growth strategy. As such I am not giving it more Nitrogene. It just looks too healthy. I look at this one as the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of my plants. Or going with the Jaimaican accent calling it " Mr. BushaaaMaaan." Well, those days are over for this one. Now it will just be Phosphor and Potassium on the menu. It can kiss its sweet precious Nitrogene Bye Bye.
Heigth growth 12 cm in 29 days. But extremely width growth. One of the biggest leaf is 23 cm in length. I am not sure if it is common for this variety. But it sure has the biggest leaves of my varieties.

The other plants are either too small or too uninteresting to get in the statistics since they get too much of a variation in both lights water etc. One will never be able to see any linearity.

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Jan Löfgren sa...

Wonderful documentation, my dear Number chruncher. How do you measure the height? From the table (incl. the bucket) or from the soil level?

Michael Salemsson sa...

Well, the only reasonable way to measure the height would be to measure it from the soil. Unfortunately that data will change if you for example switch pot containers to a larger one and repot the plants. Normally it is often so that after a repot it is planted a bit deeper then before for me. So some cm is lost here and there. For example when I will repot the Cayenne I will probably plant it a bit deep and the height data will mess up til next time. But that is part of the errors in the data I am aware of.