onsdag 7 juli 2010

The death of Sequoiadendron Giganteum ( mammutträd in swedish)

For some stupid reason, the second "Sequoia" died. The reasons for that is unknown. My friend James Bonet, an evolutionary biologist thought that the small pot of 1,5 litres can be a reason for these mysterious deaths. I myself have my doubts. The ones with the correct answer to that question died unfortunately.

This leaves me with some pondering to attend to. Why does the Sequoia die so easily? One common factor is that both my "Sequoias" sprouted from the same pot. A first step is that I will change the pot to a bigger container, along with the soil. This time, I will also refer to a more scientific method. The usage of litterature, preferrably from the worlds biggest library. The internet.
Hopefully, the studies of some homepages will resolve this matter. For the need of growing the largest tree in the world. As a symbolic gesture of my love to nature, is far greater then I could imagine when I started the hobby. It is almost an obsesseive thought, that have grown inside of me parallell to the chile growing hobby.

It can also be viewed as an symbolic ecological act. To grow something that can accumulate as much carbon dioxide as possible. It may take some thousands years for the Sequoiadendron Giganteum tree to grow to its full potential. But at least, our children and grand children know there were some maniacs who were thinking in long term perspective. And that some of their aimless frustration for not having everyone to think of the enviroment was to take action, by growing trees.

2 kommentarer:

Janne sa...

R.i.p. little fellow. It's sad to hear that the younger brother also passed away.

What kind of soil do you use? Can it be that?

Keep on trying. That's the spirit, ol fellow.

Michael Salemsson sa...

I am using some form of tomato and vegetable soil. I examined it more closely. I have a theory that it was too packed. Yeah, according to the net one can try year around basically. I have been much more succesful with the Morus Niga ( mullbärsträd). I saw one in the botanical garden of Visby on Gotland. Outside and with fruits on! It seems they can manage themselves in our climate with some protection. It is a satisfactory feeling to grow a whole tree.