onsdag 30 juni 2010

Mr Bumblebee, the secret Casanova.

Chocolate Jolokia ( a supposed mutant variation of B. Jolokia, Capsicum Chinense) Pod.

Maturity date 2010-06-27.

The chocolate Jolokia in its unmature state is, based on this sole plant I received from Patrik, paler then the B. Jolokia unmature Pod.

The difference in its mature state is that the Chocolate Jolokia is chocolate coloured. And the B. Jolokia is red/dark red . Depending on how long the B. Jolokia pod has stayed on the plant.

I must recommend the variety Piquin. It is a good beginner plant. Notice that the pods always seems to be aiming for the sky. All the pods are standing "erect". A main characteristic of the species (Capsicum Frutescens).

The Pequin belongs to the Capsicum Annuum though. Somehow, I feel that I need to get a pretty good answer why it should not belong to the Capsicum Frutescens.

One of my side projects. A tree by the name of Morus Nigra ( Mullbärsträd in Swedish). Planted 18/3/2010. I have some hope that this one might manage itself in the forrest of Sörmland At the country house of my good friend Carl Godhe.

He has perfect conditions for it. All one must do during winters is maybe to protect the roots by placing spruce branches around the base of the stem of the tree.

Ripe Naga Morich ( Capsicum Chinense) Pod. Cousin of the B. Jolokia. This one has been ripe for some time. I have some hope that I have documented the time of maturity of the pod in a previous input on this blog. But I know it have had the colour of red for almost 3 weeks or so.

The Naga Morich Pod is much more waxy compared to the B. Jolokia Pod. I would say there is a difference regarding the waxiness. The Pod Shape can differ so much, even on the same plant. So I would not say there is much difference there.

To the left, some unmature Naga Morich Pods. I have obtained seven on this plant. Which brings me to the subject of the title to this input.

I must admit, I am not the lazy type. I am working really hard in real. And on many fields.

As such, I have to confess that I have not had much opportunity to conduct to the weekly routine of pollinating the flowers.

So I was a bit surprised when I obtained more and more pods.

Here is a picture of a minor explosion on another plant. This is the Chocolate Scotch Bonnet ( Capsicum Chinense). It was said that this one is prolific. Proof is my own plant. It has around 40 pods now. But I can not take credit of these results, even though I have pollinated this plant before, many many times.

I feel that these unexpected results have to be credited to someone else. Someone whose main purpose, out of the plants perspective, is just to pollinate.

Say "Hi" to mr Bumblebee.

Mind you, he is a bit shy infront of the camera. But you can catch a glimpse of him to the right in the picture.

The presence of mr. Bumblebee, or Casanova as I call him, means that I can kiss my previous crossing project goodbye. I did not expect our pollinating friends to regularly pay a visit to my garden of eden on my balcony. So I have not glued any flowers I have pollinated. As such, they are now contaminated.

It also means I can kiss the paintbrush business goodbye for now.

And expect a stupendous crop of pods. Thanks to mr Bumblebee, alias Casanova of the chile pepper plants.

Now to another side project.

The plant to the left means more to me then any other plants I have in my stock.

It is the legendary Sequoiadendron Giganteum. Germination time on this one is 105 days. The last one who had a germination time of 93 days died. May thee rest in peace brother. May this one live longer.

This is a picture of a chile pepper plant that I sowed 6/6/2010. Explosive Ember ( Capsicum Annuum). It is an ornamental variety.
I think it is a good idea to sow some ornamentals for the late autumn period. If it is an Capsicum Annuum variety with some "speedy Gonzales" in it. One can perhaps get some pods out of it.

Picture of one of my two Rocotos. This is a flower of the Turbo Pube ( Capsicum Pubescens)

As my humble readers have noticed. The shyness from the Bumblebee seems to be infectious and this flower has decided to obscure its innerself from the camera.

Here is a picture of the Rocoto Orange ( Capsicum Pubescens).

Looks like an octopus with 2 long catching arms.

I need to support this one badly. Maybe it will be done. Maybe not. Who knows....I certainly dont.

The Caribbean Red ( Capsicum Chinense).

Lots of Pods for a 1,5 litre container. All thanks to natures own Casanova. Mr BuMbLeBeE.

Bzzzzz......bzzzzzz...........I like the sound of that around my chile pepper plants. I certainly like to hear that instead of these dreadful Vuvuzelas in the world cup of football.

Imagine a bumblebee with the sound of Vuvuzela. Horrible thought.

I think the Bumblebees have been pollinating my Long Slim Cayenne as well.

Weird curl and curves on these pods.

My Bishops Hat is doing good. I noticed the Bumblebee visited this one too. Meaning I can have a possible crossing between Bishop Hat/Red Caribbean/Red Savina/Chocolate Scotch Bonne/Piquin/Long Slim Cayenne.

The rest of my plants are a bit displaced and can not cross with the ones above.

I officially want to thank mr Bumblebee for a much improved crop, even though it means my crossing project has gotten a rather nasty thorn in its side. To be able to breed new varieties, I must come up with a plan that can outsmart natures prime pollinators.

4 kommentarer:

Anders sa...

Nice fruits :)
Sorry to disappoint you, but if its black and yellow and sounds Bzzzzz......bzzzzzz........... all the time.

It might not a bumblebee after all, its probably just a african fotball fan with his yellow vuvuzela.

Janne sa...

Micke dude, Fantastic documentation and fun reading.

It seems like there's two Casanova's in your household now. Having both pollinating the chili's, seems like vaste of time and good male energy.

Leave the chili pollination to the pro's and go pollinate something/one else during the warm summer nights;)

Patrik sa...

Great!Your Chocolate Bhut Jolokia looks much healtier than mine!

Michael Salemsson sa...

To Anders: Hehe....ok.

To Janne: If one could rewind the tape regarding our hobby, I would have supported bees and bumblebees much more in early spring. Their potential as pollinators are....well amazing.

To Patrik: I have yet not tasted the pods. I am trying to let them do the high mature journey. To earn some more heat. Then I will taste it. I must say, it seems as I have adapted to the B. Jolokia heat somewhat. You got to borrow me a dryer for powdering my chile peppars.