torsdag 22 juli 2010

The taste of Naga Morich and also the Long Slim Cayenne

Ok, it is time....

This pod of pure fire that goes by many names has an initial piece written in the chile pepper database like this "Naga Morich meaning 'snake or serpent Chile’ is an apt name for this ferociously hot variety as eating even the smallest slither of one of these pods is described by some as like drinking cobra venom!!".

It was time for me to taste this well reputated pepper fruit. It is one of two fruits that has been considered to have Nuclear Heat. This Naga Morich fruit was taken with a pasta dish and some meat.

I must admit, I have lost some respect for the hottest peppers in the world a bit. This due to the fact that I have increased my own resilience to hot dishes. The Naga Morich could be considered rather similiar to the B. Jolokia. I would say that the fruit body of all my Naga Morich is a bit waxier then the B. Jolokia.

The taste does not feel as aromatic as the B. Jolokia. It is, or could be, a bit weaker then the B. Jolokia. But I have not got up to the part of the fruit where the seeds are at. In either case, I am more happy with the stronger peppers when it comes to taste and aroma. This is definately a must try out for you pepper lovers. It has gone some hours and I can still feel a bit of it in the stomach spreading a soothing heat in the abdominal part. That is actually weird. I did not think of it until I made this input in the blog. But it is true. It has a soothing heat in the stomach even 2 hours after ingestion. Rather interesting. I hope it can be considered positive.

The long slim cayenne is all about getting strength in the food. But that is according to my mouth . There are probably those conoisseurs who can feel the taste of earth, ginger, a bit of strawberries, some sunflowers and blahablah...within a pod of long slim cayenne. I must admit, I could not discern even the slightest hint of anything else but strength. The pod was eaten with some turkish köfte.

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naga lover UK sa...

This looks awesome, I feel a bit jealous. The Naga rules!

Anonym sa...

I've been drinking cobra venom, and it is actually quite bland and boring - nothing like eating a Naga!

However - getting the venom from a spitting cobra in your eyes is similar to getting the juice from a Naga in your eyes. I hope you never have to experience either of that!

Janne sa...

One should not read your blog in the morning. My mouth is watering. At 07.48AM, I'm have a craving for pasta/minced sauce and Köfte with a lot of heat. I must be really damaged in my head.

I must admit that I have the same feeling as you do when it come to many pepper sorts. A lot of them are Equal in taste and strength. One of the dissappointing species I have is the Nepal Snakebite. I guess it's a string from the Cayenne family, but a not so good one. I have only tried 3-4 of them so far, and all was mature. I will give it a go for the green ones, they might be better.

Also I have the phenomenon of being immune to the capsaicin to some extent. The other day I was disappointed on one of my Dutch Pepper fruits. It did not have any heat at all. None, what so ever. I gave Christin the pod and asked her to taste it. She took a bite and said -"You have to stop this, it burns".

I still have to taste the Jolokia's and the Carribian Red, they have a few more weeks to maturity.

Can you post the recipe for the Turkish Köfta. I've never tried these, they look deliciuos

Michael Salemsson sa...

To Naga Lover UK.

It was pretty good. I can not lie about that.

To Mrarboc

If you have drunk real cobra venom? mean the chili sauce cobra venom?

But, getting venom from spitting cobra in your eyes? You experienced it or what? I feel I need to get some more information regarding that issue.

To Janne

Thanks for the kind remarks. I will try to put up the reciep tomorrow.

Anonym sa...

Tonight it was time for my premier into the world of the hot pepper fruits. The entry was via the preparation of a vegetarian chilistew. I started out with 1/5 of a Naga but realised that the heat was to little. In total one third of a Naga was used and the result was a very nice dish with some heat in it.

The heat was comfortable and the taste of the dish was fullbodied. I believe that the Naga contributed with a long pimento-ish aftertaste.

Thank You Michael for the Naga.


Günther sa...

The adventures in the land of the hot peppers continues. Tonight with a pastadish cosisting of ground meat in a tomato base with shredded carrots, ample of garlic and a quarter of a Naga (from its center section).

The heat was definetly there, but not in any unpleasant way. My daugther, aged four and a half several times commented the dish as being "yummy".


Michael Salemsson sa...

Wow Gunther. Your 4,5 year daughter liked the Naga dish!!? Some tough kids you raised up. I guess they are building up their resilience pretty early as well. I hope you got a good pod with some aromatic flavours in it. There seems to be difference from pod to pod.

MrArboc sa...

Sorry for the delay, but here goes.

I mean real cobra venom. I was "milking" a couple of my snakes for
research and got more than was needed so I drank the surplus knowing
that it is basically pure amino acids (protein) and harmless if you
don't have ulcers. It's just something I had to do - like eating fresh
Naga Morich. "I can, therefore I must!" (Look up the difference between
venom and poison...)

I have gotten venom from spitting cobras in my eyes several times, and
I've also been bitten.

I used to breed and sell cobras and had at one point 30+ adult cobras in
my home. Counting the "babies" the count was three figures during the
summer! ;-)

(I'm not joking!)

My blogg entries
about snakes.

Michael Salemsson sa...

to Mrarboc :I can not understand how big the risk was that you took. To me it seems as if it was a big possibility to have a very small wound in which part of the venom could get into your body orally. Please explain that part pedagogically and do the regular dont try this at home sign so not any reader get a potential idea.