onsdag 28 juli 2010

Test of Chocolate Scotch Bonnet with a Shrimp-risotto

Let me first say that the Chocolate Scotch Bonnet is probably my favourite chile pepper fruit when it comes to good flavour. It has pretty good heat ( around 0,5 Mega scoville) but also quite a complex taste. The taste differs from pod to pod. Which makes every pod out of my 40 pods hanging on the plant quite interesting.

Today I made an attempt of creating a shrimp-risotto. Sad to say I was not that generous with the cream so it was more like a rice dish. On the other hand I saved on the calories.

In any case I must admit that Chocolate Scotch Bonnet with shrimps was quite a bizarre combination.You can feel that some C.S Bonnet fruit have some kind of a smokey flavour. Not all, but some. When it was mixed with the risotto and the shrimps you got the dimension of that the shrimps obtained some smoke flavour with a very good heat. I honestly must emphasize the fact that this fruit is a must for us chile pepper lovers. Adding thyme and lemons with this dish made this plate to one of the best meals I have had for some time. Question is whom I thank for this lovely meal? I certainly am no cook. I think we must be humble and give our credits to the ingredients that was in the dish.

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Janne sa...

Don't be so humble, my friend. If you cooked it based on what you expect to fit together and the taste turns out to be great, you are the one that should have the credit.