måndag 26 juli 2010

The recipe for turkish köfte, as requested by Janne.

0,5 kg ground beef

1 boiled potato that you grate with a grater

Finely chopped parsley ( arbitrary amount really)

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

3 tablespoon flour

1 teaspoon turmeric

Arbitrary amount of black pepper

Half a teaspoon of cumin

You can add a 1/4 of a chocolate scotch bonnet for super hot köftes. Or 1/6 of a Naga/B. Jolokia.

Mix everything together with your hands so it is well blended. You can add a little bit of lemon zest to add some aromatic flavours. Or a bay-leaf then take it out. Let it stay in the fridge for 30-50 minutes just to let the taste go along with each other a bit. Then you just form miniburgers the size of your flat hand ( exclusive fingers) and fry it up. Be gentle with the heat from the stove due to the flour. It can easily get burned up otherwise.

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Janne sa...

Lysande kocken. Tack för den.Ska testa det imorgon, fast på grillen istället. Byter ut Chocolaten och citron mot Hot Lemon, tror jag. Återkommer med recension på min egen kok(o)konst

Michael Salemsson sa...

Oh, be careful Janne. I have tried it on the barbecue. It is not the same thing. They can go dry very easily if one overcooks it. I have tried it several times during 15 years. But if you succeed please report. Good luck my friend!

Janne sa...

I did it, but i made it a Scania version.

Why give up the barbeque just because of flour, I asked myself?

I exchanged the flour for two eggs and some dried bread crumps. Apart from that (since I already killed Mr M's reciepy, I added some chopped onion, added some more garlic as well as exchanged the C.B.J against a handful of chopped Hot Lemon. Also I squeezed some seasalt to the mesh, befroe I smacked it on the grill.

I used 1300gr of mixed pork and beef minced meet and adjusted the amount of stuff to it. Ended up with some 300gr burgers which I made thinner in the middle. Mini burgers. What is that. I'M THE EXCESSIVE KIND OF GUY!!

Tossed it in to my Weber junior (47cm) and gave it a good burn.

Success! Everyone loved it, my wife, my aunt as well as my kids (1.5 and 4 years old) ate more than ever.

Although I have to admit, I threw another chopped Hot Lemon to each of teh two I ate.

Thanks anyway, my friend. The original taste was probably the key to this success.

Michael Salemsson sa...

Nice Janne. You did not get it to burn thanks to the eggs? Did you let the ingredients stay in the fridge for 30-50 minutes or did you barbecue it right away?
Thanks for the info and input man!

Jan Löfgren sa...

They became nice and juicy, not even a sign of burned. Actually I left it in the fridge for some good 1.5 hours to settle and blend. If I did it again I would use 6 Hot Lemon instead of 3. I believe a good amount for normal persons is 5 per kilo meat.