tisdag 28 september 2010

Seed storage..

I am not sure how you guys organize your seeds. I bought this from the store and marked the drawers alphabetically. Feel free to make an input if you have a super good idea that you think this you must share on how to store seeds. The problem I have though is that the coffee filters I have been using are way too big to store seeds in. They take up too much space in the small drawers. I need like either small zip-lock bags or small paper bags of some sort. Ideas suggested are welcome.

I tried to buy zip-lock bags from Clas & Ohlsson in central Stockholm. The one in the "gallerian". The funny thing is that the salesman told me they had stopped selling any zip-lock bags under 3 litres. This due to the fact it attracted the wrong "clients". I was like ? Then he said " Well, junkees often need these bags for their drugs. Since we did not want them here we stopped selling the small zip-lock bags."

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Anonym sa...

Try Panduro Hobby, my sister-in-law in Stockholm bought some for me from them.


Michael Salemsson sa...

Yep, I was there. They did not have it. Only big zip-lock bags. Only thing to do is to order from the web I guess.

Janne sa...

I guess the web is the answer (again). I know they have zip bags on Tradera for good money.

On the other hand, I would prefer paper envelopes of some kind because plastick zip locks are too sealed. Maybe in combination with the silicagel, but that is to much work. Where can one buy these stamp collectors small envelopes? I can imagine they would be perfect.

Thanks for the tip with the cabinet. I was looking for a good solution and this is perfect.

MrArboc sa...

Large office supply stores usually carry them too.

Platic is not a problem if the seeds are properly dried, I actually prefer them. Plastic means I can keep the DRY seeds in the freezer, and they won't be moistened and ruined by condensation when I take them out.