lördag 18 september 2010

The purple Piementa De Neyde + the weirdest ( mushroom I saw for four weeks ago)

My Piementa De Neyde ( Capsicum Chinense x Capsicum Annuum) looks more purplish then black. The taste was not documented before. Other pepper growers have found this variety to be yuck in taste. I think it is easy to make the misstake to dislike the taste of this variety if not harvested during the right time. I know that I harvested way too early and pod was a bit bitter. Something I do not value highly.

Typical flower of the Pimenta De Neyde. The colour of the flowers can vary slightly.

The stem lignifies over time. Changing colour from black to white. Pattern can be quite beautiful because of that. I am pretty sure it does not show that good on this picture though.

I have no idea what the hell this is. But it is a photo taken for three or four weeks ago when I was in the forrest picking mushrooms with the neighbours Daughter. The red dots were fluidy. The white thing was a bit spongy like a mushroom. I assumed it was a kind of mushroom back then. Maybe some of the reader have seen something similiar and can explain what this is? I welcome any good suggestion.

Time to hit bed and wait out this fever. I do it with the taste of some chocolate Jolokia and garlic in my mouth.

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Janne sa...

The stem of the De Neyde looks like a perfect Bonsai subject.

The melting polkagris looks pretty cool. Did you lick it?

Blafa sa...

That mushroom look mad, something from outer space... makes me think about that Tintin story!

Interesting observations on the Piementa De Neyde, Im still waiting for mine to set fruits. It could just be one of my favourites!

In Helsingborg things still going slow, but I was able to make a small harvest today, this is the result, http://www.thehotpepper.com/topic/18103-classic-pickled-chili-swedish-way/ Please have a look! I can promise you that this is some tasty garnish!

Let me also say that I decided to germinate the seeds I got from you with great results! I will actually try to grow some chili during our Swedish winter, well Scanian winter. I have a warmed up space where I'll run HPS lights combined with LED lights!

It will be a fun experiment, chili should be a mandatory part of the Swedish "Julbord"!

Blafa sa...

Oh, I noticed my name wasn't showing!

This is Johan Blasberg, we exchanged some seeds this spring!

Michael Salemsson sa...

To Janne:
Fortunately my synapses had the right chemical balance and computed the following conditions.
a) Michael loves life > Michael is curious > Michael is so curious he wants to lick it. Condition = Michael Loves life had highest priority. I think it was part of an Alien or something. This was deep in the forrest.

To Johan:
Hiya Johan, I just sowed the trinidad scorpion seed from you. Getting one plant out of it so I am glad as well! Glad to hear my seeds worked well as well. Your pickled stuff looked yummy. Thanks for sharing the link!

RED sa...

Hi ! I was Googling pics of strange mushrooms and saw your pic; then another of the same thing the next site I went to. Thought I would come back and tell you they identified it as Hydnellum pecki, the "bleeding tooth fungus". Creepy but kind of lovely ! Suzy