lördag 18 september 2010

Ghost Rocoto and the Chocolate Jolokia Pod transition phase.

Having a bit of fever and being ill in real. I realized that not all of the plants have received grandpas attention. Allow me to present to you a variety I am not particularly fond of. The reason of that is that I think it sucks taste wise. That said, I should inform the readers that this Rocoto is a popular variety. I call this one for Ghost Rocoto. It was supposed to be Rocoto Orange ( Capsicum Pubescens) . But looks more like a Rocoto Canario ( Capsicum Pubescens). The only thing I know for sure is that my taste buds do not approve of this variety.

The Chocolate Jolokia ( Capsicum Chinense)
A mutant variety of the B. Jolokia. Very good taste 9 out of 10 for sure. Heat strength? Well, it is HOT ! The pod of this variety is helping me to kill whatever is in my mouth disturbing my economy, sleep and income possibilities.

Unmature Pod of Chocolate Jolokia ( Capsicum Chinense)

The transition phase of a pod from unmature to mature state . Variety = Chocolate Jolokia ( Capsicum Chinense). It seems as the time of the transition phase might also be depended on the size of the container ( except, warmth sunlight or light etc). But it could be my imagination. I have not documented it.

Fully mature Chocolate Jolokia Pod.

Transition phase of a pod of the 7 Pot ( Capsicum Chinense) species. It shows the letter C on the pod. As in Capsicum Chinense ! Thanks mr. Pod. I was unsure of what species your were.

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