måndag 13 september 2010

My room, some pods and a possible Bonsai project..

My room as it was a couple of days ago. I have two pretty big plants left whom I am not too sure of how to overwinter.

One of them is the plant with the dark leaves. My Pimenta De Neyde. It has not produced much fruits for me. I tasted one for a week ago.

A pod of the Pimenta De Neyde. I thought one month was good enough time for maturity. I was wrong. The fruit color did not help much either since the color remain the same all the time.

The pod does not mature as fast as they did back in June and July. I am waiting for them to feel soft to the touch before harvesting.

This pod is from the variety 7 pot ( Capsicum Chinense)

It is considered to be top four regarding hot peppers.
I call this specific pod for the "Van Gogh" Pod...
I just realize that might be enough symptom to lock someone into some kind of institution?

Pod was hot....real hot. I love it. When it comes to the heat of the 7 pot I can not say it is stronger then the B. Jolokia or Naga Morich. I do know one thing. The pods from the same plant have bigger variation in heat then by comparing the pods to the variety of Naga Morich or B. Jolokia. Basically what it tells me is that the heat stability of a plant is something that tend to fluctuate.

I can not say this often enough though. The strongest peppers are the ones which are tastiest. It does not mean one have to be masochistical and force oneself a whole pod. But taking a bit of it is enough for a good culinary experience. If the good taste experience will not occurr. Well, then it will be one hot culinary experience.

This B. Jolokia ( Capsicum Chinense) will be turned into a bonsai this year. Or as uncle Jukka Kilppinen would call it, Bonchi.

I have cut it down during different stages. And still waiting for a protest from the plant. There has yet not been such a warning and as such the plant will get some more hair cut in the future. Just to increase the aesthetical qualities of the plant. All this to please us human beings.

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erna113 sa...

Fantastiskt intressant blogg med otroligt fina bilder! Odlar själv mina första chilis nu och undrar vad du använder för gödning?

Michael Salemsson sa...

Hi there, I will write in english since I have, believe it or not, about 2000 international visitors.

I am glad you liked the blog. The type of fertilizers to use have a simple equation. Different type of fertilizers should be used for different type of periods in the season or for ordering the plant what to do. Plants are like pets really. They do what you want if you steer them "chemically". If you use high N ( nitrogene) the plant will go for a lot of leaves and greenery but it might not go for fruiting and pod building stage ( this might vary from species). Depending on how the plant will interpretate the nitrogene access is to it ( it is a game of know your plant basically). If you go for P ( phosphor) it will aid the photosynthesis process in the leaves. If you add K (Kalium) then plant will recognize the access to Kalium. Should it be so that it also feel there are a lot of sun and warm around it. It might go into fruiting business. That of course depends on the plants interpretation of its situation. Not much nitrogene left, lots of Kalium and Phosphor = fruits coming within days to weeks. But all this is trivia to be honest. What we should ask ourselves is how we can do this organically and enviromentally. That is the more interesting challenge. The nitrogene part organically is easy. Take your pee, dilute it to 10:1 and use it. Dilute it more if you have strong smelling pee ( hehehe). The Phosphor part is also a bit easy. You take "gräsklipp". But it has to be done in different stages and one have to calculate etc. The Kalium part I have not given much thought of yet. But I will probably write about it on the blog when I have a bulletproof easy enviromental system going on.

Once again, thanks for the remark and comments.

Michael Salemsson sa...

I was just thinking. None of that probably answered your immediate questions. The only fertilizer I use would be P/K 13/14 for fruting business. But that is because I bought a bottle in early spring and I wanted to use it up instead of throwing it out. My goal is to replace all type of fertilizers with organic sustainable methods. It is not that I want to get people who manufacture fertilizers unemployed. But I want to learn and spread out methods that is enviromentally justified. I think we owe this type of philosophy to ourselves and our next coming generation. At least I have that concious.