tisdag 21 september 2010

A reminder of UN Declaration Rights..

I realize that this has nothing to do with peppers. But our feet stand on a planet that does not always focus on peppers. And as such we need to make some reflections with our eyes open. A small reminder for us humans about the importance of UN human right declaration. Be it if you are a from Gabon, Peru, USA, Spain, Japan or Indonesia. I think there should exist a compulsory test to see the knowledge we have of the human rights as according to the UN. In fact, we should maybe have it as a compulsory citizen test periodically. So we can develop peaceful ideas into people. For the ideas and thoughts are there. It is the reminding process that has been forgotten. We need to accept that we have a short term memory and long term memory. If not for us and our immediate attention, for our children and their future. This is just a small reflection. From a simple modest man with a simple dream about acceptance.

Sometimes, like the leaves of this Piementa De Neyde, even the same twig can have a variation of leaf colors. That is just fine and we need to accept that.

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