onsdag 25 augusti 2010

Time to get rid of some plants. Need to sell a Red Savina and a Caribbean Red.

I have little space. And need to get rid of some plants since colder temperature is upon us. And I do not have the space required indoors. I simply have got rid of some plants that is worth selling.

This Piquin was bought my neighbour. I asked him if he wanted to buy and he was pretty quick to respond positively.
But before he got the plant I took my share of the pods for the future and also for some seasoning. I can strongly recommend Piquin. Easy to conserve the pods, just dry them. Pretty ok taste. Especially when dried.
The second plant he claimed for himself was this Bishops Hat in perfect condition. With around 30-40 pods still hanging. I took my share of pods for seeds so I do not go empty handed. I have maybe eaten around 20 pods from this plant for myself.

A friend from work also claimed one plant for himself. He wanted the real strong strong stuff and the Naga Morich is getting transported to his home tomorrow.

Unfortunately I still have some plants left that I need to get rid of. One is this Caribbean Red in a 1,5 litre container. I count up to 10 Pods hanging on it at the moment. I took around 5 pods for seeds and conservation. Selling price is 100 kr. Contact me on salemsson.michael@gmail.com
I have also two red Savinas. This one is in excellent condition with around 20 pods hanging in which 3 pods are mature. I am selling this one for 150 kr to someone who has some artificial light preferrably or intend to get it.

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