söndag 22 augusti 2010

Experiment with chile peppers on the head. A pretty stupid idea.

I must admit I have always been the experimental guy. Where others have been inhibited due to norms or hegemonical supression. I have been willing to try ideas that might seem reasonable. With that said, I tried such an idea for a week ago. The theory behind the idea was definately questionable, but I was still too curious about it. I was a bit ashamed to tell of it on the blog until now. The reason of that I decided to write about it. Is that I think there are some meaningful lessons to be taught from this risky, painful and rather stupid endavour.

I am starting to get bald in real. As such I was thinking, maybe an increase in blood circulation on the affected areas can somehow be used to slow down the baldness process? Or even better, get lost hair back? Even though it is not even reasonable theoretically I felt that I did not need more motivation. I sliced up a Red Caribbean ( scoville around 0,3-0,45 Megascoville). Then started to rub it in in my skull. Thoroughly.

What happened then is that I realized pretty quickly that I got more heat then I could ever imagine. It is one thing to get a chile pepper in the mouth. Most of my taste cells are probably burned out or something. But having it on the skull was even worse then getting it on the "mojo". I was in furious pain. I normally do not panic. But the situation was dire. Neighbour rushed in to help. My head was under ice cold shower. I had a towel around my face to try to avoid any water "trickling into my eyes" and cause more damage then necessary.

My neighbours mom had grown up during the world war II. She had the calmness needed in this situation. She took some soured milk and put it in a towel and bathed my head in it. It took off some heat for 1-2 minutes. But then we changed the towel and repeated the sour milk process.
This whole burning procedure continued for about 30-50 minutes. In the beginning I was just using water to remove the unsufferable heat from the skull. But then that was not enough and the sour milk process was initiated.

All of all 2 litres of sour milk was used to save my skull and the need of calling for an ambulance. I am serious when I write this. The pain on the head was ridicolous.

When most of the heat had reduced it felt like having had sex for 3-5 hours a hot summer day.

My mind and body was physically exhausted. But I also had a tremendous endorphine kick of my lifetime. I just needed to lay down and forget about the world for a while.

Red Caribbean chile pepper are not supposed to be rubbed in the head. That is for sure.

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Anonym sa...

Fabolous!!!! Never stop trying...

Janne sa...

Wholy smoke, you are even more bald (!) than I could imagine.

It must take some cojones, couriosity as well as a very open mind to do something like this. But the most brave thing must be to let the world know it. Creds to you my friend.

While you are at it, you should not give up. Your theory might still be valid. Combine your idea with the fact that one get used to the heat after repeated use. Slighty modify your strategy and start with a milder pod and increase the heat over time.

My 25 cents worthe of advice would be to suggest using strictly Pubescens. The reason for that should be obvious for all, but if it's not.... Their hairyness.

Günther sa...

Qui audet adipiscitur.

Michael Salemsson sa...

Thanks for the support guys.

I will do another experiment for fun.

Fat burning with the use of peppers by rubbing it on fatty spots ( non sensitive spots and not too hot peppers). Starting with the love handles! The theory is fabricated by a glass of scotch.
The idea is to try it for 2 weeks and see what happens. If I get discolouration in the skin I might abort the experiment. But if I according to my subjective opinion think the love handles have reduced then we might have something going on!!

Janne sa...

There we go. I knew you would not give up such an excellent (and weird) idea.... Let me know if you succeed. This old fart also have some excessive pounds :)