söndag 22 augusti 2010

Harvest time...

Time to harvest my Beastly Chocolate Scotch Bonnet.

The plant to the left have done two things. One is to produce a massive amount of Pods. I think I got up to 80 pods out of this plant. Meaning I have mr Wilbur Scoville as a dinner guest for some years ahead. All I need to do is to take some pod meat out of the freezer.
The second thing it did, was to burn my hands and my "mojo" today. I am not sure if it did so intentionally or not. In either case some of my limbs are burning up. And it is a quite unpleasant experience.

I can not be blamed to be a good photographer. What I can do for you is to try to write some
useful or interesting inputs. So you guys have to bear with me on my photo skills .

The pods on the Plate is Naga Morich Pods. The two funny pods in the left corner are Bishops Hat. They ended up in my stomach shortly after this photo. The red pods in the right corner are Red Savina pods. And the brown ( 3 were more blackish) are the Chocolate Scotch Bonnet pods. All are of the Capsicum Chinense species, except the Bishops Hat that is Capsicum Baccatum.

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