söndag 1 augusti 2010

Taste of Caribbean Red ( Capsicum Chinense)

In the chile pepper Database it says " The slightly wrinkled chiles are approximately 1 inch wide by 1.5 inches long and are similiar in shape to the Habanero. The chiles ripen from lime green to a brilliant red in 110 days and are produced on very productive plants that reach 30 inches tall. As well as the blistering heat, they have a lovely fruity flavour which makes them an excellent choice for use in salsa's, marinades and of course, in hot sauce."

Now, let us admit something. The taste of the pods depends on the growing conditions. It might be so that the Caribbean Red tastes deliciously, on the island of Jamaica and Trinidad Tobago. And that the scandinavian turf does not give any aromatic essences. I do not know.

What I do know is that my ripe Caribbean Red was an ok Habanero kind. But I could not feel any spectacular fruity flavour. On the other hand I have only tested one pod. Knowing that each pod can have unique flavours I will be a bit more patient with the judgement . At this moment this plant will not be a keeper in my book. I much more prefer B. Jolokia/C.S Bonnet and the Naga Morich. In which C. S Bonnet is definately a must.

2 kommentarer:

Jan Löfgren sa...

That was a good looking fruit. Shiny and smooth. Not many wrinkles there. I have also some mature pods, but they are only the size of a finger nail. Will try it one of these days and see for my self.

Michael Salemsson sa...

I have ate all the fruit now. I can not say I am impressed to be honest. Maybe I will get some more flavour in other fruits from the same plant.