onsdag 25 augusti 2010

Long Slim Cayenne, Rocoto Orange and Chocolate Jolokia pod pictures.

Rocoto Orange, (Capsicum Pubescens).
The pods of this species are really heavy compared to the other Capsicum Species.

Long Slim Cayenne (Capsicum Annuum)
I like the looks of the pods of this variety. Pod look is a bit unpredictable. The taste was not as good as the looks. But I dried one Cayenne and was surprised. Some pods just need right type of conservation to be fully appreciated. This one needs drying to my humble opinion.

Chocolate Jolokia (Capsicum Chinense) I am still a bit skeptical about this one. All unmature pods are very bright compared to the B. Jolokia Pods. The taste is about the same but less heat to my experience. But it differs from pod to pod.

I dont just grow peppers. The idea behind my growing hobby is to learn from it and to live of what nature can give you.

This pair belong to the species of ( Morus Nigra). I saw a Morus Nigra on the island of Gotland and got overexcited. I used to live of the berries from this tree when I was a small child. It definately was my favourite. I am having a ridicolous hope of transplanting one of these on my good friend Carls summer retreat. I know a good spot. But it will be done in two years or so. It still needs some growth. I should say Carl have his summer retreat 59 degrees north of the equator.

I also planted a blackberry Bush for two years ago. I am starting to get fruits and am a bit excited about it. It is not much. But it means a lot to me. Blackberries are also something I am very fond of. I guess you could say I like sweet things from nature. I of course, do not have space for such a bush. So I sneak planted this on municipal ground.
Hoping no one will care if
I get a late September vitamine rush from an illegal planted Black Berry bush.

I also have a good tomato variety. This is a cherry tomato variety. Last year it produced 100 tomatoes for me. This year I was late and it is on 50. I like to pick one or two for breakfast. Good and easy vegetable source. Everyone should grow one. This variety have never been attacked by aphids for some reasons.

It is probably pretty easy to guess where I live. And where my plants have been most of the time this summer.

4 kommentarer:

Janne sa...

Must feel terrible to sell one's children, but I guess it's better than seeing them get frozen to death.

Wow, thinking about it, that's really two seriously bed choices.

Anyhow, these plants really looks healthy. You do have green fingers (even though they are contaminated with capsaicin and don't know where they are occasionally) ;)

Michael Salemsson sa...

Yeah, I put a lot of work into the plants to be honest.

Thanks man, I succeeded with all plants to be honest except turbo pube and Pirri-Pirri. Those two plants were the only ones who were at my neighbours house. Because of lack of space.

Anonym sa...

How did the chocolate jolokia turn out? The one in your picture looks little smooth to be a true jolokia


Michael Salemsson sa...


The chocolate Jolokia was not much different from the B. Jolokia. Except the color. There is a slight flavor difference perhaps. But that type of different can perhaps be more significant within the same plant. That is if you compare one B. Jolokia pod to another in taste on the same plant. For flavors I would go chocolate scotch bonnet though.