måndag 14 juni 2010

The Verdict Of The Bhut Jolokia

It is time...........

The Plant has some mature fruit going on. The important procedure of seed collection can begin. Along with that, the more uncertain experiment of tasting the B. Jolokia.

A pair of scissors. Along with 2 plastic bag/gloves is needed to cut up the fruit.

I dont want to cut the fruit with my hands and then "accidentally" hold my "mojo" while taking a piss. Especially not when it comes to cutting up the hottest chile pepper fruit in the world. Precautional method when working with this devil fruit is essential.

Attacking the plant with my tools........all I need is one fruit. The one that is getting a bit soft. The fruit age is 55 days old exactly. And the plant age is approximately 200 days old.

My B. Jolokia is a bit restricted. It lives in a 3,5 litre container. Pod size is thereafter. This is actually the biggest pod on the plant. It is 3,5 cm long.

Cutting the Pod open. I was a bit eager to see how
many seeds I could get from the pod. After a count I got 16 seeds from this pod. Realizing I have 12 fruits going on and those fruits are smaller. Then a reasonable estimation of amount of seeds should be 12*7 = 84 seeds. Let us make it approximately 60 seeds from my B. Jolokia plant to be on the safe side. I got enough seeds for friends and for myself to next season should I want to plant this devil bush again.

Time to taste this "dragon breath" fruit.

I quickly made up my mind to start only with small bits of pieces. That way to avoid a hospital visit. Just in case....

I put totally a quarter of the B. Jolokia fruit in my Pasta Bolognese. The heat was remarkable to say the least. But the taste was surprisingly very very very..........good.

That amazed me most. The intense taste from a fruit that you just have picked. I can not describe the satisfying sensational feeling I got out of it. You felt a delicate freshness with a mixture of a "scud missile" hitting your lips. The one thing I can do is to recommend you to try it.

I would start with very small pieces first though. To get a feeling of how much one needs. In my case 1/4 was quite a lot. I realize it now because my stomach goes " Hey, what the heck is going on??".

With some bad luck, I might be shitting blood tomorrow ?????

9 kommentarer:

Jan Löfgren sa...

Wonderful, congratulations. I'm surprised that you actually took that much, and even more surprised that you could bring us the message afterwards.

Good on you mate.

Btw, you didn't record your facial expressions on vidoe during this trip?

Michael Salemsson sa...

Hehehe, unfortunately not. My wrinkled and distorted face because of the heat building up would not look too good on the camera. I can tell you one thing. What I tried was the bottom of the fruit. I tried the top of the fruit and there was a hurricane fire heat. It was really really hot.The heat of the B. Jolokia is pretty instantaneous.

Anonym sa...

Don't you just love the smell of fresh Bhut? It's amazing!

Now you have to try the 7 pod and Trinidad scorpion, I have heard people say that they are even hotter but I haven't had the chance to try them yet.

Michael Salemsson sa...

I have 3 7 pod plants. It will be interesting to taste them as well. I will probably get fruit out of these in 3 months or so.

I must confess, in right doses, the B. Jolokia is probably the best chile pepper I have ever eaten.Maybe it is the freshness of the fruit. The complex concentration of flavours packed in that fruit is amazing. I tried it this evening with another pasta dish. It certainly did not dissapoint me.

Michael Salemsson sa...

Regarding the Trinidad Scorpion, I am postponing that project until next year. I have already enough hotties to occupy myself this year.It is better to let some candy bars to be untouched for the future.

Albert sa...

Wow, fair play on the Bhuts - I usually make Bhut Jolokia Cheese on toast which looks almost as awesome. Great blog too mate :)

Michael Salemsson sa...

Thank you for the compliment good sir. Do not hesitate to raise questions on the blog. I need questions to know what kind of problems people run into.

Janne sa...

Mikey dude.

I have to confess that my Bih, (yeah yeah, a bi who is a butt, what's the difference?) does not seem to kick in. After 3 months it's only some 12-15 cm in height and 5 cm wide. I don't think it will give me any pleasure this year. Sad but true.

I really need you to send me one of your fruits when you have filled your needs as well as your families(I guess Mrs Salmon will not fall in that trap anymore.....)

Cheers dude. Have to get back to my Hazelnut snaps.

Michael Salemsson sa...

I will seriously send you a fruit by mail. And some seeds from my earliest fruit. Not sure it is so special, but still. I noticed something funny. The pods on the same plant really have different strength. I ate a bit from a smaller pod which had been in the sun so it had softened. That stuff was.....too hot? I am not sure it is good for you to be honest. Some pods are not meant to be consumed to be honest. I will save seeds from that one as well.