måndag 14 juni 2010

My mother tasted a bit of the B. Jolokia

I said "Mom, taste this small bit."
"If you taste it first ......go ahead" she said with a grin on her face.

I took a nibble and tried to hide my real feelings with all my will. A blank expression was the only emotion revealed by my face. My mom looked puzzled. As if waiting for an indication of what the strongest fruit in the world is really capable of. Then I said "See, there is no problem. I will even give you a smaller piece" I offered her a bit of the B. Jolokia in a friendly manner.

My mom who grow up in real rough conditions having gone through war and everything could
not deny the challenge. Her pride was too strong. I knew it. The trap was set. She took a piece and put it on the tongue. What happened after was some surprisingly quick action from
a 55-year old lady. She spit the piece of Jolokia out on the floor. Run to the sink in the kitchen.
In a fluid motion she opened the water tap and started to gulp the water greedily.

Then she turned at me, her eyebrows furrowed, her eyes glaring angrily at me. " What the HELL was that??????" She said, holding her lips in agony.

I myself was giggling my ass off. She actually took a bit that was less then 0,5 mm in size. I asked her innocently " You mean it was too hot to be used in cooking???"

2 kommentarer:

Jan Löfgren sa...

He he he, den var go den. Som man säger i Skåne: Du e en le jäevel. Men tanterna ska härdas, eller hur?

Michael Salemsson sa...

The ladies, my aunt and my mom, think I am crazy. Both of them tested the taste and both spit the bit of the B. Jolokia out. Apparently, hot food is not everyones cup of tea. But at least they can now say they tried something special. I am happy to have contributed to their experience. I am not sure they are equally fond of having gone through that process though.