onsdag 24 november 2010

My foodideas varies in quality and taste.

Regular dish. Moussaka with sliced chocolate scotch Bonnet. Got too oily, did not like it. Ate some "Knäckebröd" ( a form of crispbread that is supposed to be very healthy) to balance this oily dish. The Chocolate Scotch Bonnet did not marry well with the Moussaka to be honest.

I am not unknown for my creativity. But I think this dish got out of hand. It is a traditional Bamya with two bits of fried flounder. Not sure the typical mediterranean human being would appreciate it. To it some avocado, brussels, date with walnuts for the sweet and some sliced up Naga Morich. The Naga morich was taken out of the freezer. Yet it produces an immense heat that reminds one it will be wise  to wash the hands before taking a piss. ( I burned my Mojo one time too many when handling the hot peppers).
How did this weird african,mediterranean, european michael dish taste? Superb! I got what I need out of it. Proteins, carbohydrates, nutritients...and yes...taste as well!

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