onsdag 3 november 2010

The Athletes Choice and stuff you do when it is Autumn

The athletes choice. A bed of tomatoes, red onion, 2 garlic cloves, cucumber and white cabbage. Over it you just put in a sloppy fashion a real good lasagne.
But the finishing touch is made by cutting some ridicolously hot chocolate Jolokia. Garlic is something I started to like more and more. I also have a feeling that there is either a placebo effect that I never get cold if I eat garlic often or a real effect. In either case I need to eat raw garlic at least twice a week. That stuff feels really healthy. Is it possible to still sow it ( indoors somehow?) Someone who have learned a lot about garlic from this year is my bud Janne Löfgren. Some info can be found on the issue at his homepage


Some other common activities you do in Sweden when it is Autumn.

 You pick mushrooms with your friends. Here you see some of my friends in the forrest of Sörmland.

The mushrooms that is picked in late Autumn is called in Swedish "trattkantareller" in latin Craterellus tubaeformis or if you prefer the english version Yellowfoot, winter mushroom. The mushrooms are dried to concentrate the flavours and conservate for future projects.  

Something that is very normal to do in Sweden and a common practice is to make your own mead. Me and my friend Patrik have made some mead with 6 kg honey bought at the farmers market in Stockholm. We made it a bit more sweet then normal. So it have to considered as a one shot dessert kind of mead. The mead is quite a treacherous liquid. It contains around 8 % of alcohol content but you can not easily feel it. Until the day after of course.

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