onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Regarding sowing new seeds

I have been asked from some readers by mail to make an input about when to sow pepper plants seeds. While I must admit, I do not have much empirical data to fall upon, I could make some simple conclusions. The answer would be, that you can actually sow whenever you want. That is, if you have sufficient artificial light or natural light to support the seedlings with. I myself need to sow my seeds pretty early, late October, early November. This due to very poor light conditions ( poor Janne, Mats and Patrik that has read this sentence like thousands of times?). I want the plant to be fully ready for the outdoor life. In my case, it takes time. I am not sure this input really helped. But the general answer would be sow whenever you want if you feel comfortable with the fact that you can support your plant with light. If you are not that comfortable on your light conditions and have the weird situation that you decided to grow peppers on the same degree as Scandinavian latitude. Then you might want to use the advantage of the seasons.

 As you can see, I started my new season. Royal black, another ornamental. I sure hope it got some taste. I am looking for a good ornamental with good taste. I am open for suggestions from the readers regarding this issue.

By the way, I still dont know what this thing was that I found in the forrest when I was doing mushroom picking. I know that Janne teased me with the suggestion of "gränna polkagris". It does not bother me much not to know it. But when I look in my picture archive, it does!

I regret the fact that I did not dare to pick it up. But I had a very small wound and the neighbour daughter had a nose bleed that I attended to. I did not want to take any chances of touching something superpoisonous.

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Janne sa...

Send the picture to one of our universities. Alnarp, next door, helped me a couple of times in the past. I remember one time when one of Christin's relatives who work in a moss (like Hasselfors), found a seed on a depth in the moss that represented some 10.000 years back. We thought it was cool if he found a seed of an extingiushed plant. It turned out he didn't, but for a while there, it was very exiting ;)