måndag 4 oktober 2010

The Piementa De Neyde is goodbye..

The Piementa De Neyde has been voted good bye. This due to space problem.
My first videoinput made by me. Hope you will enjoy it. Please make a comment if you liked the video or not. So I know if the readers want me to continue to make future videoinputs.


3 kommentarer:

Mats sa...

Tack! Du räddade min dag! Det är svåra beslut och handlingar. Hälsningar

Michael Salemsson sa...

Hi Mats,

I am glad to have been of help. I take it as that you liked the video. Now when you have made a small visit. Let us now what your favourite eating peppers are!

Michael Salemsson sa...

Make it know....I realized I made a silly spelling error.