onsdag 27 oktober 2010

The chiliblog

The blog have a bit less input due to the fact that it is low season. But also for the fact I have preseason training for the next mountaineering expeditions. It consumes some time and requires some rest afterward. I will soon be a good boy and make some interesting inputs. Also the studies is taking some time. Make that a lot of studies.

2 kommentarer:

Mats sa...


Mountaineering expeditions? Sounds interesting! Maybe the topic for the next blog entry :-)


Michael Salemsson sa...

Hiya Mats,

Yeah, I need to train the Cardio. I have some dreams of doing Mt Blanc. Such endeavours are not to be considered as a peaceful afternoon Sunday walk. So I need to train the heart and the lungs...a lot. Perhaps, if the weather will be us it will be achieved in the future. I like the goal at least. People tells me it is harder then Mt Kilimanjaro even though it is 1000 meter lower then Mt Kilimanjaro.