lördag 2 april 2011

7 Pot/ 7 Pod

7 pod ( Capsicum Chinense) flower in April. Stockholm Sweden.

7 Pot plant.

I have been a bit preoccupied with worldly matters. And as such have not got a chance to update the homepage. I have one plant that has not been affected by the aphid attacks. It is the 7 pot/7 pod. Right now it is in full bloom for me. I expect fruit in 1-2 months on it. I realized there are some benefits with having saved plants from last year. You certainly dont need to promote the growth stage. As such one can take it easy with the Nitrogene supporting. Basically you need to promote the fruiting stage.

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mascalzone sa...

Prelude to the fruit, very nice on 7 Pod is one of my favorites, beautiful plants and also in health. Congratulations and best wishes for the cultivation of fruit. Greetings

Anonym sa...

Jag visste inte riktigt var jag skulle skriva det här, men hoppas att det går bra här.

Det är såhär att jag har tänkt odla chili inomhus och kommer då behöva lampor till det, och nu till min fråga: hur många lux/lumen per växt behöver man som minst och hur mycket anser du vara optimalt? jag har sökt runt på internet men inte hittat något om det.

Tack på förhand

Michael Salemsson sa...

To the lamp issue. I am sure I had an old input about it somewhere on the blog. But I myself uses a 70 W lamp with about 8000 Lumen and full daylight spectrum. That is a temperature scale of 6500 K. Normal summer day light is around 100 000 Lumen. It is emitting the wavelength of the sun pretty ok according to sources. Looks very bright. I like to use this type of light since I got the idea from a light therapy room. I checked their temperature scale on their lamps and used it. So I had both Light therapy and surviving plants. My God, what a clever plan! But it is important that the lamp is pretty close to the plants. If the heat permits it. Otherwise light will spread and you will loose a bit of light.